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Junior Cert Science Investigations Page

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Coursework B - Student Investigations


Dear student, as you know the 2 Investigations that you will be shortly doing are worth 25% of your Junior Cert Science marks.

Careful preparation is essential to acheive high marks.

Below are some links to help you prepare.


Junior Cert Science Coursework B Titles 2012




Investigate named seeds, chosen by you, to examine the effects of (a) placing the seeds in a fridge for a few days before sowing, (b) placing the seeds in a hot press for a few days before sowing on (i) the percentage of seeds that germinate, (ii) the speed of germination of the seeds.


Investigate the factors that determine the rate at which heat is lost from different types of drinking cups that contain hot liquid.



Preparation and planning - Student guidelines
These guidelines give some pointers to students about how they should approach the investigations.


Preparation and planning - Student worksheet
Use this for roughwork when researching/conducting the investigation - the layout is the same as the pro-forma booklet to be completed by the student for submission to the examinations commission. One of these must be completed for each investigation.


Sample Write up
Students might find this sample write up, for an investigation from another year, helpful as they prepare for their own investigations.


Suggested Marking Scheme
This page gives an idea of how marks are typically awarded. However, it should be noted that there may be slight variations from year to year, and from investigation to investigation. Students should consider this page in advance of preparing their investigations



Variables and Controls - A Powerpoint worth viewing before you commence your research.

Notice to examination candidates - Important notice to students, from the State Examinations Commission, regarding the conduct of their investigation


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